Databee Exams Manager has a simple yet powerful graphic user interface for exam timetabling. The timetabling process is integrated with the exam request process so all of the necessary information relating to each exam is already available while allocating your exams.

Users can switch between automatic and manual exam allocation to suit their processes and create the best possible timetable.

Manual exam allocation is done through a simple chart that displays all of the times at which you can run an exam.

In the chart below, each potential exam session is represented by one coloured box. Blue boxes represent times when all of the students in the current exam are available. The darker blue shades indicate that the students are available but some of the students already have an exam that day. The yellow and brown boxes indicate that students in the current exam are already sitting exams at that time. Grey boxes indicate that the examiner requested that the exam not run at that time.

To allocate the exam to a certain time a user simply clicks on one of the coloured boxes (preferably a light blue one with a high number).

Automated and advanced options can greatly speed up the allocation process: