Barcode scanning can be used to record student attendance. This can be done by scanning barcodes on student attendance sheets.

A website allows academic and general staff to view student attendance immediately after it is scanned.

Scanning student attendance sheets is an alternative to scanning student ID cards. One of the key logistical challenges of scanning student ID cards is having a large number of mobile barcode scanners at your exam venues. Scanning the barcodes on these attendance sheets can be done at any time from a PC, laptop or iPad.

Many universities are already scanning these barcodes for every student who attends an exam (there are some clever shortcuts which make this quicker than you might think). The time they invest in this is repaid by not having to confirm attendance for school staff.

Most Exams Offices would receive dozens or hundreds of requests to confirm exam attendance for certain students. Using this system, school staff have access to the live attendance data. This improves the service to your clients while reducing staff workload during a peak time.

Attendance lists can also be produced with student photos.