Databee Exams Manager has extensive functionality to help manage your exam Supervisors (also known as Invigilators). This includes:

Online Forms

  • Let your supervisors enter their availability for each exam event
  • Let your supervisors view and accept their rosters online


  • Supervisors are rated to ensure skilled supervisors are balanced across your venues
  • Automatic and manual allocation processes can be intermixed. Many users manually allocate their preferred ‘chief’ supervisors, then automatically allocate all other supervisors
  • Automatic gender balancing ensures at least one supervisor of each gender in each venue
  • 'Personality Clashes' avoid having incompatible supervisors in the same room


  • Print photo ID Cards for your supervisors
  • Scan ID Cards to record attendance at start and end of shifts
  • Export timesheet data to your HR system


  • Let your supervisors view and record key information during exams with our iPad app
  • Let your supervisors do your barcode scanning during your exam sessions

Training Sessions

  • Exams Manager is complete with a built-in online training tool that allows you to design your own courses/quizzes
  • Roster supervisors to Training Sessions
  • Barcode scan attendance at training sessions