Databee Exams Manager includes several websites which allow:

  • Academic and schools staff to request exams
  • Secure Exam Paper Upload (More Info)
  • Students to view personalised exam timetables
  • Exam supervisors to enter their availability details
  • Exam supervisors to view and accept their roster
  • Distance students to nominate a distance exam centre
  • Distance exam centres to update their contact and availability details
  • Disability support staff to request exams with special conditions

All websites can be set to automatically open and close. This can be done by exams staff without any assistance from IT services.

Websites for student timetables and supervisor roster are designed to display beautifully on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

All of Exams Manager's websites include customisable text and various options to personalise each site.

Exams Manager also includes a RESTful API for integration with other websites and systems.