Exams Manager Case Study – Charles Sturt University

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Clients:Charles Sturt University
Project Title:  Implementation of Databee Exams Manager
No. of Users: A regional NSW university, Charles
Sturt is a multi-campus institution and a major provider of distance learning.
The University caters for over 30,000 students and the Exams Office has 4 staff .

Client Endorsement

“Databee was our product of choice as it covered the exam work cycle end-to-end and the product displayed a good understanding of the unique nature of exams. It was also user friendly with excellent interfaces, key requirements for any new system being installed at Charles Sturt. Databee really works and the customer care was second to none, they stay in touch, encourage feedback and respond quickly and effectively.”

Sandra Martin, Manager Operations, Charles Sturt University

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The Challenge

Charles Sturt University required a modern, all-in-one product offering the capability to manage their diverse needs: multi-campus scheduling, high volume of students and extensive distance learning. Charles Sturt decided Databee Exams Manager offered the features required to modernise and simplify their processes.

The system being used at Charles Sturt University was a combination of manual paper based processes and an antiquated module that didn’t match current business needs. Exams Office processes were labour intensive and not scalable for the 6 teaching sites and 245 centres being managed. With no statistics available, no audit or report facilities, an inability to provide any management overview, and a hand-built rostering and timetabling system, the University were in dire need of a new, fit-for-purpose system.


The Solution

To fit in with the Exams Office work load, the implementation took place between May and July 2013. A straight-forward implementation programme was followed and the system was up and running smoothly within the anticipated three month time frame.

Both implementation and training are delivered by Databee staff who have hands-on experience in an Exams
Office environment and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique workflow and processes at play.

Due to the all-encompassing nature of the Exams Manager system, there was no need to export to other systems. The Exams Manager databases and websites were set up on a server provided by the University. Databee’s comprehensive service means the university had no need to manage these services; it’s all part of the package.

After listening to feedback from the Exams Team, new features were added to suit their specific needs. These new features were used to create the latest version of the system.
Finally, staff training was delivered at the Bathurst and Wagga Wagga campuses. Training was thorough and interactive to ensure all staff members had a complete understanding of the system and were confident in their ability to use Exams Manager during a busy and challenging exams year.

Ongoing communication and feedback has been an important part of the project at Charles Sturt with requests for new features and developments consistently being taken on board and delivered.

The Result

The Databee Exams Manager system is easy and intuitive to use; this made for a smooth transition within the Exams Office. The team have been keen to learn and discover Exams Manager’s capacity to improve and develop day-to-day operations and enhance the nature of their routine tasks.

With so many core tasks now streamlined and requiring less time, team members now have more time to focus on other tasks and providing better service. The online functionality has been a crucial time saver. University staff now have the ability to request an exam and view student attendance online saving not only time but simplifying the whole process.

The system has also changed things for students, for the better. They can now look up a personalised exam timetable online, which was not previously available. They can manage their distance exam centre selection with a simple web site, which was previously managed by telephone or in person. This in turn, is a benefit for the Exams Office team whose time has been freed up to focus on improving the quality and accuracy of the service provided.

Overall, the key benefit of Exams Manager is saving time. By making every process and work cycle quicker, every element of the Exams Office benefits. Tasks are easier, faster and more efficient. Accuracy of data has improved and the quality, efficiency and professionalism of all services are enriched. As staff members are afforded more time, they can progress and and develop new ideas and focus on adding value and delivering excellent service.

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