Software for Higher Education Institutions

A Long History In Exam Management

Databee was founded in 2007 and specialises in software applications for the higher education industry. Our flagship product, Databee Exams Manager, was launched in 2010 and is now used by clients in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the majority of universities in Australia.

With an impressive range of functionality, Databee Exams Manager saves time and money, and improves business processes and the student experience, in all of the universities where it is used.

Regardless of which Databee application our clients use, they always receive the highest level of professional service and support from our team of experts. Our staff’s combined experience in software development, implementation, project management, process improvement, business relations, customer service, technical writing, and support, ensures we provide our clients with positive, solution-based outcomes every time.

Our Vision

To Improve Quality of Life

Our vision should be practised every day, yet it will never be completed.

We will help with our vision To Improve Quality of Life through our service to customers, interactions with team members, and the software that we help to create and deliver.

There is also a higher purpose. We won't see our social contributions every day, but we aim To Improve Quality of Life not just for our staff, clients and their clients, but also for the people in the world who need it most of all.

Our Mission

Databee strives to make high quality applications for the higher education market.

Databee have a reputation as a provider of excellent products, service, and support.

Providing high quality products and services is essential to Databee's future growth and success.

As a supplier to multiple government organisations, Databee tenaciously displays a high level of integrity in all business relations. We have a crucial responsibility to demonstrate equity and transparency in all financial dealings with our clients.

Our current pricing will always be made public, and our clients treated with dignity and respect.

As a small, dispersed company, each employee plays an essential role in business operations. Employees work with a high level of autonomy and are trusted to do so productively. Employees will enjoy flexible work hours to accommodate family and other commitments. Databee supports its employees so that in turn, its employees can support Databee's clients.

Databee is committed to making charitable donations which have increased from year to year. We pledge to continue to grow our charitable and community contributions

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