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Simplify and Streamline Exams and Student Accessibility Management

With a vision to Improve Quality of Life, our products are designed by end users with real  experience to provide value adding solutions to increase productivity and improve student experiences.

Exams Manager is a complete system that facilitates and improves the highly specific business processes unique to a University Examinations Office, providing efficiencies, better services and outcome for their clients.

Student Assist is a business system designed to improve the day-to-day management of the University Equity or Disability Services Office and positively impact on the student learning experience and outcomes.

Cloud based archiving service for the storage of past Exam Papers with filing and access services for University Users and Students.


Connect with Hosts across the globe to manage all of your distance and online examinations in the Cloud

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What Our Clients Say

Incorporating Exams Manager into our business processes is the best move we’ve made. Being able to access all data in one product has streamlined and improved our exam management process. At all times Databee staff were responsive to feedback, they tailored the system to meet our requirements and worked collaboratively with our team. We are extremely happy with Exams Manager, the functionality it provides and the results it has delivered for our team and university.

Michelle Brereton 
Manager: Exams, Results and Scholarships University of South Australia

Databee was our product of choice as it covered the exam work cycle end-to-end and the product displayed a good understanding of the unique nature of exams. It was also user friendly with excellent interfaces, key requirements for any new system being installed at Charles Sturt. Databee really works and the customer care was second to none, they stay in touch, encourage feedback and respond quickly and effectively.

Sandra Martin
Manager Operations Charles Sturt University

Databee’s Exams Manager System is very user-friendly and provides far more functionality than was initially expected. There have been extensive improvements and efficiencies across all areas of exam operations, enabling the provision of a much better service to our students and staff.

Teresa Charlton Manager, Student Administration The University of Queensland