Improving Quality of Life

Giving Back Through Education

Giving back to improve the quality of life for others is the foundation of Databee.

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Databee's Director, Darren Arndt (right), was involved in the building of a school in Cambodia in 2019. 

Since conception, Databee has been a regular contributor to various charities including:

In 2018 our Director decided to make a bigger impact and has been privileged to be involved in the Classroom of Hope, a not for profit organisation who are providing access to quality education in developing countries.

In 2019 Databee became a 'Principal' of Classroom of Hope committed to provide ongoing support to the foundation and the amazing work they are doing to empower children through education.


Classroom of Hope Charity Projects

Cambodia 2019

In 2019, Darren Arndt, Director of Databee, donated money to the Classroom of Hope for a new school in Cambodia. As the project was nearing completion, Darren was invited to visit the school and meet the students and assist the amazing team with the final build.

Cambodia 2019 - Original School
Cambodia 2019 - Original School
Classroom of hope Cambodia
Cambodia 2019 - New School

Laos 2020 - Kang Yao Primary School

In 2020 Databee helped fund the building of the Kang Yao Primary School in Laos with a group of other businesses based out of Perth, Australia.

Kang Yao Primary School
Kang Yao Primary School
Kang Yao Primary School
Kang Yao Primary School

Lombok 2021

As Principals of Classroom of Hope, Databee helped fund the replacement of a school in Lombok, Indonesia that needed to be rebuilt following the devastating 2018 earthquakes.  The new school is being built using recycled bricks called Eco-Blocks. Databee's contribution is funding 1 of the 5 buildings within the pilot project. 

For more information on the Eco-Block system being used can be found here.

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