Meet the Databee Team

Dedicated Higher Education Software Experts

Databee’s team has a special ability to understand your business needs, with a number of team members having professional experience in universities around the country.

Along with university experience we have a range of technical and customer service skilled team members, of of whom use their knowledge To Improve Quality of Life of our clients and users.

Meet the Databee Team

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Darren Arndt

Company Director - WA

After working in a university environment for several years, Darren started Databee to help modernise small businesses and take advantage of new technology in their workplace. His years of experience working in an examinations office meant that Darren had been working on Databee Exams Manager for a number of years prior to its first release.

Darren is focused on the company’s vision, ‘To Improve Quality of Life’ in two keyways; developing new and exciting features for our users; and improving quality of life with partners such as Classroom of Hope.


Monique Wise

General Manager - NSW

Monique has been providing Databee’s clients with support and expertise for over 11 years.

With qualifications in Training and Assessment, and Business Administration Global; as well as experience as a Team Leader in a busy examinations office, it’s no wonder Monique is our Exams Manager Product Expert and Business Analyst extraordinaire.

When not implementing Exams Manager at your institution, or assisting you to improve your business efficiencies, Monique loves reading, gardening, being a mum, and spending time with friends.

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Barb Sheahan

 Service Operations Manager - Qld

Barb is a motivated professional with over 13 years of experience in the higher education sector. Her expertise lies in examinations and assessment where she has a proven track record of ensuring smooth and secure assessment processes.

Beyond the workday, Barb enjoys a well-balanced lifestyle. Her interests include travel and golf, which often complement each other. Barb embraces the opportunity to explore new destinations while maintaining an active lifestyle.

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Mathew Paret

Senior Developer - NSW

Mathew has always been interested in development and during his free time he's built a few side-projects including a powerful CMS, a domain and SSL monitoring tool, a FIFA betting portal, and a self-service user management portal for OpenVPN.  This, coupled with 12+ years of industry experienced in application  support, operations, and service administration on both Windows & Lix has given him the expertise to handle an application end to end.

Mathew loves to end a day with a glass of wine or schooner of beer at the beach.  He is an avid reader when it comes to thrillers and sci-fi.

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Nadine Forsythe

Client Relationship Manager - VIC

This multi-tasking mum of 5 had extensive Exams Manager user experience before joining the Databee team. Her inner nerd loves to find out what makes things tick and is a firm believer in working smarter not harder, which means she is always on the lookout for ways to improve and evolve to ultimately improve our clients’ quality of life.

What little free time Nadine has, she spends chasing her kids or jamming with her disco band.

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Sue Packham

Client Relationship Manager - NSW

Sue is a problem solver - there's nothing she likes more than taking a deep dive to solve a client's tricky questions.  She also loves to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  She has a varied background in the hospitality and post-school education sectors, with a focus on service and improving quality of life at work.


Outside of work she's a winter, not summer, and dogs/horses, not cats, person who loves nothing more than spending time with her three adult children.  And if we can be travelling and/or skiing at the same time?  Well, that's her idea of heaven!


Paul Swain

Developer - NSW

Paul is our FileMaker expert, having worked in the space for 20+ years with many different companies and applications. What he does not know about FileMaker is not worth knowing, and he willingly shares his knowledge with a wry smile.
Paul and his family escaped Sydney 10 years ago for the scenic Southern Highlands where he still lives with his wife. In his spare time he enjoys gardening in the fresh mountain air, and he enjoys regular visits from his beautiful and talented adult daughters.

Jake Warrington

 PHP Developer - Qld

Jake is the newest member of the team.  With three years experience in PHP development and many more in IT and support, he has a willingness to learn and improve Databee's products.
Jake loves to spend his spare time with his wife, watching movies or playing video games, and their newly walking son out to play and walk along the beach. He and his wife also love finding and trying family friendly breweries on the weekends.
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Meagan Byrne

Administrative Assistant - NSW

Meagan brings with her years of experience in the world of administration.  It is her desire to come alongside and assist those working towards bringing a first-class experience to those who contact Databee Business Systems.
Meagan loves spending time with friends and her extended family.  She likes heading off on weekends to explore her hometown.