3 Ways Student Assist Supports Campus Accessibility Services

Universities and other higher education institutions are working harder than ever before to ensure digital accessibility. With both the right tools and dedicated equity and accessibility teams, institutions can drastically improve accessibility and student wellbeing by streamlining existing support processes and workflows. 

At Databee, we believe that everyone should be supported along their education journey. That’s why we designed Student Assist to support campus accessibility services and ensure all students have access to the support they need. Below we look at how Student Assist supports campus accessibility services in 3 key ways. 

1. Streamlines Administrative Processes

Campus equity and accessibility teams provide an essential service. However, they are often hampered by time-consuming administrative processes which leaves less time to directly support students. Student Assist is a purpose-built system designed to improve efficiency and support staff. 

Databee designed Student Assist with the philosophy that campus accessibility teams provide an essential service and should be supported with an exceptional and dependable system that supports their unique workflow. By streamlining administrative processes, staff have more time to focus on student experiences and wellbeing. 

2. Manage Alternative Adjustments 

Student Assist facilitates and supports the provision of reasonable adjustments whilst complying with reporting needs. It is a complete student equity registration and management system, with features including: 

  • Learning Access Plan management
  • Job services and appointment management 
  • Simplified and thorough student follow up
  • Expense and time tracking 
  • Note taking service 
  • Equipment management

Student Assist can be used to record recommendations for teaching adjustments assessment and examination adjustments, and planning for/arranging placement support and referrals for other learning support. Unique features also allow students whose learning is impacted by a health condition or disability to access key services and manage their support independently.

3. Integrates With Existing Systems

It’s great to have new tools to better support students but not if implementation and data management is a hassle. Student Assist integrates seamlessly with existing higher education information systems through an API. It also supports data exports and works seamlessly with Databee Exams Manager for easy exam scheduling. 

Databee designed Student Assist to complement existing systems with full functionality across a range of devices from iPads to desktops. And also offers unlimited ongoing support, including service improvements throughout the life of the system. 

Request a Demonstration of Student Assist

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about Student Assist. Request an online demonstration by contacting us online or calling our office on +61 8 9401 8450.

We’re currently offering Databee Student Assist within our Early Adopters Program, where universities and higher education institutions have the opportunity to contribute to the functionality and ongoing improvement of Student Assist in exchange for significant discounts on the service.

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